Is Jerky a High Protein Snack?

Author: Lindsay Salmon   Date Posted:19 May 2021 

TLDR? It’s the perfect protein snack for hangry grown-ups that tastes bloody great.


Jerky isn’t new to the global snack scene. But, with an overwhelming range of health information out there and plentiful snacks at your fingertips, we understand it’s easy to grab a bit of tucker without much thought. Like, is it a healthy protein snack? Is it low in sugar? Is it a healthy choice? Those questions go out the window in favour of habit, low pantry stock, and lack of time.


Well, we’re here to break it all down for you. A convenient, natural, filling snack that’ll beat the hangrys? It’s jerky. No seriously. The truth is that jerky is a delicious, portable, low-carb, high-protein snack. It’ll lift your game when you start to flag. It’ll pep you up when burnout hits. It’ll keep you going when you gotta keep go, go, going. Here’s why it’s a good source of protein.



Is Jerky a Good Source of Protein

Yep! In fact, jerky rates right up there as an el supremo hunger-busting snack. Why? Because our tasty strips of goodness are protein-packed (and our packets say so). See, your body needs protein to fuel energy that’ll kick fatigue, moodiness, irritability to the curb. It’s an essential part of your daily diet and a deadset ninja to unleash against your 2 pm workday slump (not just us, right?). Plus, no prep required. Just pick up a packet and tuck in!

So, how does protein help keep you at the top of your game? Here’s the simple science. Proteins are made up of building blocks (called amino acids) that are charged with the important job of building and repairing muscles, bones, and hormones. Your body needs a regular source of protein to keep performing this essential work throughout the day. If you don’t, you can run out of steam before the day’s finish line. So, eating protein makes you feel full because it signals the release of appetite-busting hormones and steadies your blood sugar levels.


All in all, the best way to keep your energy levels high is to eat quick, energy-filled snacks in between meals.  So, why not have tiny, tasty morsels of dried prime Aussie steak in your pocket ready for when the hangrys hit? 


How Much Protein is in Beef Jerky

Let’s cut to the chase here. If you’re focussed on your fitness (oh hey gym shark) or need to closely monitor the protein in your diet for health reasons, we are happy to throw our hands up and shout: Jim’s Jerky is undoubtedly a bloody good source of protein! In fact, each pack of our hand-crafted meat snacks contains about 55% of your average daily intake. So, that’s a great big tick.

 Figure: Our jerky protein content

Now, protein isn’t the only natural health benefit from munching on dried beef. Your body is also benefitting from iron, zinc, vitamin B23, omega-3, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals are all part of a healthy diet to help your mind and body power through life.


Jerky is also low in fat, carbohydrates, and sugars. Because Jim’s chooses to only use quality Australian cattle (containing little intermuscular fat), and hand-trim any visible fat, in our jerky – our products contain less than 7% fat. Plus, as jerky rates less than 80 calories per 25g serving, it’s a healthier grab-and-go snack than chips, chocolates and peanuts. So, there’s that too.



What Flavour of Beef Jerky Wets Your Whistle? 

At Jim’s, what you see is what you get. Our meaty-good protein snacks are made from local, top-quality beef flavoured by our unique Aussie alchemy. We’re passionate about keeping our jerky as healthy and natural as possible. We’re aren’t jerking you around when we state that all our products are gluten-free and nitrite-free. Plus, they all meet one essential criterion: they all taste bloody great.


Pick up a packet for your pocket (or your handbag, desk drawer or lunchbox) for when your next snack attack hits. Choose from:



  • Original – what can we give away about Jim’s original secret recipe? Well, it’s beefy, with coriander, and has hints of garlic and pepper. It’s sweet and salty all in one hit!

  • Smokey – imagine how wood-smoked beef with no artificial additives would taste like? Can’t? This pack’s got your back.

  • BBQ – transport yourself to your back verandah with some steaks on the barbie. This flavour channels a mix of beefy-ness, Worcestershire sauce and smokey flavours to rival any classic BBQ grill taste.

  • Honey soy – get amongst this popular combo of sweet honey and salty soy. Your tastebuds won’t be sorry.

  • Teriyaki – just like a sneak-peak of dinner on the go! This is a delicious blend of soy sauce, sesame, brown sugar, vinegar and spices. 

  • Peri-peri – set your heart on fire! This flavour is an amazing blend of chilli, lemon and garlic and rates 5 out of a 10-star heart rating. Gold.

  • Chilli – do you like it hot? This jerky rates a 7 out of 10 for heat, but it’s got nothing on midday in the outback in summer (that’d be a 12).

Snag Some Quality Snacks 

At Jim’s Jerky, we handcraft jerky and biltong that tastes [like Australia]. Made from premium Aussie steak and flavoured with top-quality spices, our jerky is a protein-packed natural snack. We 100% guarantee we make the best quality and tasting jerky your hard-earned buck can buy. 

So, snag some quality snacks today. Choose from our beefed out range of jerky, biltong, dried sausages and snack packs. C’mon! Bite, chew, taste, Australia!



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