Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the jerky and biltong?

Both our jerky and biltong is made from yearling grade Australian topside, using the same spice. The difference is in the process; the jerky is cut into strips, while the biltong is left in large slabs. This results in two distinct textures and tastes; the jerky is quite dry while the biltong is still moist on the inside


Help! I’ve accidentally eaten the oxygen absorber!

It’s ok! Our oxygen absorbers contain natural iron and they will not harm you if consumed


Do you use any meat other than beef?

Jim, being a grazier, is pretty keen on beef. However he has branched out into Kangaroo and it’s pretty damn good! 


How long do the jerky, biltong and drywors keep and how should I store them?

Because Jerky is so dry it has a ‘best before’ date of 10 months! We do recommend you keep it in a sealed container. It can be kept in the cupboard or a cool dry place – out of the sun!  The Biltong and Drywors still hold some moisture and therefore need refrigeration after opening. They will be best consumed within 6 months of purchase and is also recommended to be kept in a sealed container.


Will Biltong spoil if I don’t get it into a fridge?

Jim’s Biltong products are dried to a point which means no bacteria can grow. However it does contain some moisture which can allow spoilage mould to grow. In order to prolong it’s life, we recommend refrigeration after opening and placing in a sealed container.


What is Drywors?

Beef drywors, also known as droewors, is a spiced, dried sausage of Southern African origin. High in protein and able to keep for months in a sealed container in a cool, dry place; beef drywors is a great go-to snack for anyone seeking a healthy way to curb and satisfy those hunger pains.


Serving Suggestions?

Jim's Jerky is a delicious and healthy meat snack, the perfect alternative to chips & lollies! You can have it with a beer, on a road trip, in school lunch boxes or just watching TV to name a few ideas. It’s a great snack for on the run. In fact, anytime is jerky time!


What is your delivery process?

Jim’s Jerky dispatches daily Monday to Friday from our HQ, and parcels are sent via Australia Post or courier – depending on the method you choose at the checkout. All parcels are able to be tracked in real time from dispatch to delivery.  You will receive an email when your parcel has been dispatched which includes a tracking number, so you can check back to see when your Jim’s Jerky parcel of happiness will hit your doorstep. We endeavour to dispatch your parcel within 5 business days of receipt of your order.

Express Post orders need to be placed by 12pm AEST (No Later). Please note not all areas are covered by Express post; if you are not in an Express Post area we will contact you once your order is placed.



Apologies for the inconvenience but we WILL NOT deliver any orders to Parcel Lockers.  If an order is processed through the website you will be contacted for an alternative delivery address or a refund will be given and the order will be cancelled.


Payment Options

Jim’s Jerky accepts payment by PayPal, all major credit cards and direct debit, if you contact our office to arrange payment. All transactions are in Australian (AU) Dollars. Sorry - we do not accept AMEX.


How do I become a VIP?

If you are a regular customer and have bought from us five or more times online you qualify as one of our VIP members and receive our amazing meat products with a discount of 10%!  Please contact us via email if you have ordered online five times or more for us to set up your VIP account.  You will be notified via email that your account has been updated to VIP and you can then order online and receive discounts.


Can I Distribute or Wholesale Jim’s Jerky Products?

Yes you can! Please see our Business Opportunities page for more information or you can contact us directly <here>


Are Jim's Jerky products gluten free?

Yes, all of our Beef Jerky, biltong and smallgoods products are gluten free, and have been tested by the Coeliac Society. We are happy to share our test results, please contact us here for further information


How can I order Biltong Sticks?

You can order our delicous biltong sticks by either phoning the office on 07) 4630 4420 or emailing your order to These will be packed up to order and sent to you to enjoy!


Can I order Backorder Stock?

Yes! If there will be a delay in your order being sent, you will be notified, but all stock that says BACKORDER can be ordered and will be sent ASAP.