Health Facts

nutricious & delicious!


Our Jerky boasts up to 55% protein per serving so gnawing on Jim's Jerky between meals is a perfect way to show your body some love. It's just air-dried beef after all, so has all the other benefits that red meat provides like iron, zinc, vitamin B23, omega-3, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and phosphorus. Not bad for something so delicious!


Low In Fat

With a surprising 7:1 protein-to-fat ratio, we're not jerking you around when we say jerky is one lean, mean snack option. As we use only quality Australian cattle (containing little intermuscular fat), which we then hand trim of all visible fat, our Jerky ends up containing less than 7% fat! Plus at just less than 80 calories per 25g serving it's a healthier snacking option than chips, chocolates and peanuts!


Gluten, Nitrate and Nitrite Free

Our Jerky is handcrafted and we make our own base (secret herbs and spices) to ensure quality from start to finish. As we're passionate about keeping it as natural and as healthy as possible, we can guarantee all of our Jerky products are gluten free and free of any nitrates and nitrites. So tuck in, enjoy to your heart's content - or until the bag is empty!