Most companies that make amazing products would be terrified of sharing their process with the public – who could swipe the process and make it their own.

Here at Jim’s Jerky, we are very trusting, we know your interest is just educational – it’s not every day you hear about jerky and what it is, so we’d like to take this opportunity to share with you exactly what goes on to bring you these awesome products!

We start with beef.

We then trim the beef of all fat and slice into steaks.

Spicing of the meat with our SECRET recipe occurs next.

Sliced and spiced meat then gets placed in a huge dehydrator (imagine an enormous dryer).

After two days of dehydrating amazingness (60% less meat than what we started with) jerky is produced by the dehydrator.

Bite sized pieces are chopped and then packaged for your convenience.

There you have it!