Jerky - Teriyaki - {BEEF}

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Flavour Profile:

A delicious blend of soy sauce, sesame, brown sugar, vinegar and spices.



Topside Beef minus The Fat + Yummy Spices + 24 Hours Drying on a Rack = Jim's Awesome Beef Jerky. Sliced and bagged for your convenience.


The word Teriyaki derives from the Japanese teri (lustre) and yaki (cooking method). We don't cook it but reckon it has a lot of lustre.


85g is a great size to take with you anywhere that you'd need a handy and filling snack.

1kg BULK bags are re-sealable and best value for money! *Please note: You will be posted 1kg bags while stocks last however if they sell out - and are not available you will automatically be sent 12 x 85g bags of the flavour you've chosen.

Nutritional Information Panel (85g bag):

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Honey Soy

Honey Soy Jerky

This flavour doesn't disappoint, giving the typical taste profile of sweet honey mixed with soy to bring out savory characteristics too!