Meet the Makers of Jim's Beef Jerky

Author: Jim & Cathie Tanner   Date Posted:6 February 2020 

Jim grew up in rural Queensland, on a mixed cropping and dairy farm. 
He married Cathie, the girl next door (ok, 17 miles down the road!) 
and together they set up a successful grazing enterprise they ran 
together for 20 years, raising beef cattle on their properties on the 
Darling Downs and Central Queensland.

Beef is in their blood; they love beef – they know good beef. 
With 3 kids away at boarding school, Jim and Cathie decided to make the 
move to the big smoke – away from the farm. Not one to sit still for long, 
Jim looked at a little butcher shop just outside Toowoomba in Queensland 
where the owner was drying some biltong. 

It was a meat snack unlike Jim had ever tasted before and he knew 
it was something special. Why weren’t more Aussies chewing on this? 
An idea began to form…

In 2004 Jim’s Jerky was born; bringing great tasting, natural beef 
to Aussie snackers everywhere.

 14 years on, Jim & Cathie have developed the perfect blend of spices, 
beef and natural drying to make Jim’s Jerky the best tasting jerky 
in Australia – let’s be honest – probably the universe!