Meet the Makers of Jim's Beef Jerky

Author: Jim's Jerky   Date Posted:6 February 2020 

You know and love our products, now found out a little about the founders of Jim's Jerky - Jim & Cathie

Jim grew up in rural Queensland, on a mixed cropping and dairy farm. 
He married Cathie, the girl next door (ok, 17 miles down the road!) 
and together they set up a successful grazing enterprise they ran 
together for 20 years, running a Droughtmaster stud and raising beef

cattle on their properties on the Darling Downs and Central Queensland.

Beef is in their blood; they love beef – they know good beef. 
With 3 kids away at boarding school, Jim and Cathie decided to make the 
move to the big smoke – away from the farm. Not one to sit still for long, 
Jim looked at a little butcher shop just outside Toowoomba in Queensland 
where the owner was drying some biltong. 

It was a meat snack unlike Jim had ever tasted before and he knew 
it was something special. It was the first time that Jim found a product

he felt truly represented quality Australian beef. Why weren’t more Aussies

chewing on this? An idea began to form…

In 2004 Jim’s Jerky was born; bringing great tasting, natural beef 
to Aussie snackers everywhere.

16 years on, Jim & Cathie have developed the perfect blend of spices, 
beef and natural drying to make Jim’s Jerky the best tasting jerky 
in Australia – let’s be honest – probably the universe!