Biltong - Piri Piri - {50g}

Piri Piri Biltong

Flavour Profile:

I am an amazing blend of chilli, lemon and garlic and rate a 5 out of 10 star heat rating!


Topside Beef minus The Fat + Yummy Spices + 72 Hours Drying on a Rack = Jim's Awesome Beef Biltong. Shredded and bagged for your convenience.


5 out 10 star heat rating! But please be my guest and try the next step up with CHILLI.. If you dare..


By popular demand back in 50g and 85g bags. 

85g is a great size to take with you anywhere that you'd need a handy and filling snack. 50g is a great one person snack on the go...

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If you enjoy my slight heat - you will also enjoy the heat of CHILLI

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