Value Packs - 

Value Packs:

In each of these packs you can save up to $22! Check below to see what you will recieve in each one.

Jim's Jerky 85g Mild Mix:

This pack contains the wonderfully mild and popular jerky flavours;

1 x 85g Smokey Jerky

1 x 85g Original Jerky

1 x 85g BBQ Jerky

1 x 85g Honey Soy Jerky

1 x 85g Teriyaki Jerky

PLUS NEW Limited Edition Mango Chilli Jerky

ONLY $50 - SAVE $22 on this DEAL

Smallgoods Mix

Grab one of each of Jim's Dried Sausage Range in this Smallgoods Mix containing;

1 x 160g Pepperoni

1 x 160g Cheese Griller

1 x 75g Beer Sticks

1 x 75g Twiggy Sticks

1 x 160g Drywors

ONLY $30 - SAVE $12 on this DEAL! 

Jim's Biltong 85g Mix

Jim's Jerky Biltong Variety Pack gives you a perfect range of ALL of Jim's biltong flavours;

1 x 85g Original Biltong 

1 x 85g BBQ Biltong 

1 x 85g Smokey Biltong 

1 x 85g Piri Piri Biltong 

1 x 85g Chilli Biltong 

1 x 85g Fatty Biltong 

ONLY $50 - SAVE $22 on this DEAL!

Jim's All-Rounder Variety Pack

The All-Rounder variety pack is perfect for the Jerkaholic that just doesn't know exactly what they want.

This pack contains:

1 x 50g Honey Soy Jerky

1 x 50g Smokey Jerky

1 x 50g Original Biltong

1 x 50g Chilli Biltong

1 x 75g Beer Sticks

1 x 160g Pepperoni

1 x 160g Drywors

ONLY $50 - SAVE $7 on this DEAL!

Spicy Mixed Pack

If you enjoy the heated flavours in life then this is the perfect spiced up mix for you!

This value variety pack contains;

1 x 85g Chilli Jerky

1 x 85g Piri Piri Jerky

x 85g Chilli Biltong

1 x 85g Piri Piri Biltong

1 x 160g Pepperoni

1 x 75g Twiggy Stick

ONLY $50 - SAVE $13 on this DEAL!

Jim's Ultimate Mix 200g

All of your favourite Jim's Jerky in one AWESOME bag?

You've got it! A perfect size to share the joy of all of Jim's delicious meat snacks...

Life doesn't get much better than a trail mix of truly blissful jerky, billtong, drywors, cheese grillers and beer sticks.

Completely addictive and jerkaholic approved - don't say we didn't warn you!

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