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Little Snack, Big Taste
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If you have been living under a rock and have NOT heard of the most amazing jerky in the history of Australia, welcome to a brief overview of where it comes from. We recommend you catch up on other important news via the internet that you may have missed whilst snoozing… under the rock...

The Tanners – more affectionately called by their names, Cathie and Jim – were childhood sweethearts so needless to say a bilzillion years later they make a lovely old (cough) couple who are a pretty dynamic team! This team stumbled across a small butcher at Charlton (we don’t want to know what they were up to out in the middle of nowhere by themselves...) and the rest is history.

Wait, do you want more?

Alrighty, so they bought the business in 2004 from a lovely South African couple that had called it Temba Meats. To this day we do not know the translation of ‘Temba’, we all like to think it is a nice word... Anyway, back on track... Jim, like any male, was attracted to the beefy meat treats the business made, like a dog to a bone and fell in love *cute sigh* and this is how Jim’s Jerky was born.

The dried meat became Jim’s passion and he sent his beloved wife away (don’t worry, just to sell it around Australia) while he slaved to make jerky and biltong (large, moist, beefy slabs) and other delicious goods to share with everyone in the world!!

Along came Safari flavour (now don’t get excited, it is beef, no elephants were harmed in the making of Jim’s Jerky) which became the big brother of BBQ, Garlic, Chilli and last but not least, Piri Piri.

So yep, that is the amazing history of Jim’s Jerky. For more information please continue to our Business Profile. You will find all the detailed stuff there!