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Little Snack, Big Taste
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The business in question: Jim’s Jerky is located alongside its manufacturing supplier (Safe Food Accredited) Temba Meats Pty Ltd at Charlton Shopping Centre. This is in the middle of nowhere, off the Warrego Highway, just outside the city of Toowoomba, heading towards Oakey. 

Both businesses were once trading together under Temba Meats Pty Ltd but in 2009 they split up... on good terms though. The reason for the split? The growth of sales that Jim’s Jerky was collecting out around the country! Now successfully two individual businesses – the efforts of Jim’s Jerky can fully support the growing amount of customers for the product.

Jim has a party of workers in the factory, and a South African on board to ensure the traditional flavours stay as such. The jerky itself has amazing personalities and health benefits that have motivated Jim and his staff to market to everybody!

Dried beef is not a new invention. A history book, depending on which one you look at, will date jerky and biltong back to like ages ago, but it is rare! Jim has taken what is good about steak (the obvious stuff like it’s yummy and protein rich and iron filled and... yummy) and added the convenience of not needing a knife, fork and plate to eat it to create a wonderful snack that you can eat anytime, anywhere!

Our vision is to be the Number One, most recognized and loved brand of jerky in Australia with a strong supply chain and great online presence so that our customers can access our product anytime!

Jim’s Jerky has developed friendly trade relations with Metcash and individual IGAs. Distributors include Snack Attack, South West Distributors and in 2012, Fruitlink from the Brisbane Markets, as well as an extensive list of wholesalers ranging from bottle shops to butcheries!

All in all it is a high energy and fun company that welcomes mass feeding. Seriously – come and see us for a feed, we will ensure you try our great products and get the service you deserve when you visit us at our Charlton and Chermside Kiosks, or at any show around Australia – as well as prompt orders to your door if you order directly online!

So there you have it. A great business, built on a great team, working hard to bring you your favourite jerky in the WORLD.

The end.

Oh and if you think that this sounds so great that you just want to get on board with us, you CAN!!! Please see Business Opportunities if you hear the call.


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