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Jerky - Piri Piri {85g}

Jerky - Piri Piri {85g}

A $12.00 EACH

Topside Beef minus The Fat + Yummy Spices + 24 Hours Drying on a Rack = Jim’s Awesome Beef Jerky. Sliced and bagged for your convenience.

Hello, they call me Piri Piri. I’m the gap between certain fiery death and Safari. If you want a flavour with a bit of burn but not enough to destroy your taste buds forever, I’m your guy. (Don’t tell Chilli this but more people prefer my kind of burn to his.)

I am an amazing blend of chilli, lemon and garlic and rate a 5 out 10 star heat rating! But please be my guest and try the next step up with CHILLI.. If you dare..

85g is a great size to take with you anywhere that you'd need a handy and filling snack.

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