Biltong - BBQ - {85g}

Are you after handcrafted and naturally air dried, healthy snack? Look no further!

We select the finest 100% Aussie Premium Topside Steak, hand slice and trim off all the fat then secret spice it.

Here at Jim's Jerky we have created our own base blend; a masterful marinade with bursts of coriander and just enough flavouring to let the beef shine.

BBQ was a no brainer when choosing flavouring for our pre-jerky steak; smokey tones with a slightly bitter flavour enhances the beef flavour to the max!

Proudly created in 2004 when Jim's Jerky was established, BBQ has stood the test of time.

After air drying and waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more, we personally taste check every batch for awesomeness!

Chopped, bagged and shipped for convenience to your door where you can tuck in and then tell all ya mates that it tastes bloody great!