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Little Snack, Big Taste
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Jim's Jerky on Hume - The Chronicle

TOOWOOMBA residents have been waiting for this moment and finally their dreams are about to come true. Read more >

Royal Nod of Approval

Prince William inspected the stand and greeted staff kindly. “We were all amazed at how tall he was and just couldn’t believe he was standing in front of us!” Cathie said. William, who already knew biltong as a dried meat delicacy from England was keen to learn more about jerky and happily accepted a Jim’s Jerky show bag before he continued on his way. Read more >

Jim's Jerky Christmas Poem

It’s Christmas Time, We’re filled with Cheer But Snacking overload brings much fear, With puddings and pavlova and ham and chicken, It’s all going to go straight to the hips again! Read more >

Beef Jerky Possibly "just to hot" For Curious Kitten

Late yesterday a seven month old kitten consumed a piece of beef jerky that had fallen on the floor at a Harristown residence. The jerky, a chilli flavour, seemed to cause the young cat considerable discomfort. Read more >

A day in the life of Garlic Jerky

Well, its day 48 of being a beef jerky bag, since leaving the factory I have had an eventful ride; we were shipped to a holding area at Fruitlink Distributors. Read more >