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>>  What is the difference between the jerky and biltong?

Our jerky and biltong are made from the same meat and both are made with the same spice. The only difference is we have to cut the jerky into small thin strips and we've left the biltong in large slabs. Therefore the jerky is very dry and the biltong is still moist on the inside.

Jerky                                                                Biltong

>>  What happens if I accidentally eat the oxygen absorber?
Our oxygen absorbers contain natural Iron and they will not harm you if consumed.
>>  Do you use any meat other than beef?

YES! We now have a variety of meats used to produce the jerky!

  1. Topside Beef 
  2. Kangaroo
  3. Venison
>>  How long do the jerky, biltong and drywors keep and how should I store them?

Because Jerky is so dry it has a ‘best before’ date of 6 months! We do recommend you keep it in a sealed container. It can be kept in the cupboard or a cool dry place. 

The Biltong and Drywors still hold some moisture and therefore need refrigeration after opening. They will be best consumed before 6 months and is also recommended to be kept in a sealed container.

>>  Will Biltong spoil if I don’t get it into a fridge?
Jim’s Biltong products have water activities of .85 or less, which means no bacteria can grow, however as it contains some moisture which can allow spoilage mould to grow, we recommend refrigeration after opening and placed in a sealed container to prolong its life.
>>  What is Boerewors and how should I cook it?

Boerewors is a South African sausage traditionally rolled into a coil instead of lengths like normal sausages. It is slightly coarse and is 100% Aussie Beef. Do not overcook the sausage as it becomes very dry. Instead, slowly cook it and even add a little water to its own juices for a moist and delicious sausage. Alternatively throw it on the BBQ and again, don’t overcook it. Keep the boerewors in its length to keep the juices bubbling inside.

Please note that Boerewors is only available for purchase at selected retailers or our Charlton, Chermside and Carindale stores.

>>  What is Drywors?

Beef drywors, also known as droewors, is made from beef sausage as opposed to just plain beef. The key to the best beef drywors is to use the leanest beef that Australia has to offer. Like biltong, drywors is a dried meat with South African origins. However, its worldwide appeal, exquisite taste, and nutrient-rich content has given beef drywors firm footing throughout Australia. High in protein and able to keep for months, beef drywors is a great go-to snack for anyone seeking a healthy way to curb and satisfy those hunger pains.

>>  What are your Terms & Conditions for Promotions?

As a basic rule on promotions we run;

  • The value of the order is EXCLUSIVE of EXPRESS freight
  • The order has to be paid for before the availability date expires
  • Flavours are randomly selected unless otherwise stated
  • In cases where orders have been placed before promotion is released, if the order hasn't yet been dispatched, we will automatically include offer
  • Orders will be dispatched as soon as possible and if any delay, you will be contacted
  • All large promotions will be announced in our monthly newsletter - please subscribe so you do not miss out
  • We do run facebook specific promotions - please like us so you do not miss out
  • Unless otherwise specified any giveaways are limited to 1 per order
  • Other Terms & Conditions may apply to individual promotions, these will be stated clearly on promotion

As we are a small business, we try to run promotions in the interest of our loyal jerky fans and hope you can understand that they are irregular and often for a short period.

>>  Is Jim's Jerky good for me and my children?

Yes! The benefits are plenty! See our section on the Health Aspects of jerky and biltong.

>>  Can I eat Jerky & Biltong if I am pregnant?
Yes you can! Let us explain…

§ When you're pregnant the consequences of a bacteria in your food is more serious than at other times.

§ The water activity is the key to determining if microorganisms will grow, since bacteria require a certain amount of available water to support growth.

§ Bacteria can not grow with water activities of .85 or less.

§ Jim’s Beef Jerky is dried and then water tested to beneath .7 and Biltong products are dried to beneath .85.

§ All of Jim’s products are quality controlled and the Jerky and Biltong are water activity tested every run.
>>  Serving Suggestions?

Jim's Jerky is a yummy and healthy meat snack, the perfect alternative to fattening chips & lollies! You can have it with a beer, on a cheese and wine platter, in school lunch boxes or just watching TV, to name a few ideas. Jerky is traditionally best consumed while watching a game of Footy! Anytime is jerky time!

>>  What is your delivery process?

All parcels are sent eParcel Australia Post or a via a courier company 2-3 times a week. (Currently Tuesday and Friday Dispatch). All parcels are able to be tracked from dispatch to delivery..

Delivery is made to your door and requires a signature. If no one is available delivery driver determines if it is safe to leave the parcel. Jim's Jerky takes no responsibility for loss of product once left at allocated address. Please contact us if you need signature on delivery and NOT to be left and this can be organised.

Express post is available at checkout. Express freight is $20. Please ensure Express orders are placed by midday weekdays to ensure able to be dispatched same day. If you are not in an Express Post Area we will contact you once your order is placed.

Fastway Couriers are also used to courier goods when requested.

All transactions are in Australian (AU) Dollars. The online shopping cart payment method uses credit card and is accredited by Westpac.

Sorry - we do not accept AMEX.

At Jim's Jerky we endeavour to dispatch your parcel within 5 business days of receipt.

>>  Do you take Bartercard?

YES - We accept Bartercard for FULL RETAIL price of our products. No deals or discount value packs will apply. Shipping Charges will still be charged cash.

>>  What is VIP status and how do I become a VIP?

If you are a regular customer and have bought from us five or more times you qualify as one of our VIP members and receive our meat products with a discount of 10%!

Please contact us via email if you have ordered online five times or more for us to set up your VIP account.

You will be notified via email that your account has been updated to VIP and you can then order online and receive discounts.

>>  What is your current online promotion / giveaway?
All of our current online promotions / giveaways are promoted on our HOME page on rotation. To find out our Terms and Conditions on these promotions, click on the button in the bottom right of the promotion. All of our promotions will also be displayed via our facebook page and is the quickest and easiest way to be alerted to anything AWESOME we have going on!
>>  Are Jim's Jerky products gluten free?

Yes and no, all of our Beef Jerky and Biltong products are Gluten free. Please see the pdf below for our lab tested results.

 Gluten Free Results.pdf

>>  What is Beef Booster?
Beef Booster is a Gluten Free and no added MSG flavouring that adds a real depth of beef flavour. Commonly used in stocks, gravies, soups, sauces, casseroles, marinades, rice dishes, pies and quiches.